How To Eliminate Basement Mold And Dampness

One of the biggest problems with basements is that they tend to be cold and moist which leads to mold. Basement mold is not only ugly but it is also dangerous to both children and adults by contributing to allergies and asthma. Any basement remodeling ideas you have should address the mold factor and work to make sure it does not become a problem.

One of the best way to make your basement floors warm and to eliminate wetness is to have radiant heat installed. This is easier if your house is new and still under construction. There are two kinds of radiant heat, hydronic and electric. Hydronic radiant heat involved warm water through tubes under the floor and electric radiant heat involves electrical wires much like your toaster. If your house is already built, electric radiant heat is by far the easier of the two to install.

If you have an issue with basement mold and basement dampness, another one of your options is to look into basement dehumidifiers. Basement mold will ruin your basement and present real health problems as well. Keeping your basement dry is very important for many reasons and one way to accomplish this is to buy a dehumidifier that will keep your basement free of moisture. A dehumidifier can be found at almost any home improvement store as well as online if you want one delivered right to your door.

Buying a cheap basement dehumidifier is a great investment and one of those basement ideas that you should do if you have any problem at all with wetness. Running a dehumidifier year round or part of the year will mean a higher electricity bill but you can get many dehumidifiers that are energy efficient and the extra output won’t be too bad. Having a slightly higher electricity bill is a small price to pay for a dry and healthy basement.

Sealing your basement from the elements is another way you should be protecting yourself from mold and other harmful effects that can seep in. Make sure all openings are caulked and that there is proper ventilation around the foundation. You need to make sure that water does not form around the house and that there are gutters that move the water away from the basement foundation. Again, the idea is to make everything as dry as possible year round.

Making your basement a year round dry basement is the first step in making that room below your house into whatever dream room your desire.

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