Five Great Reasons To Use A Dehumidifier

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A humidifier is an appliance that one uses to draw excess humidity from the air. There are factors that give people reasons to use a dehumidifier. There are four types of dehumidifiers that bring out these reasons clearly. The first is the compressor based one. It mainly draws air from the room over a filter and then passes it over cold coils. Because the coils are cold, the air condenses and becomes water which goes into a bucket. The air is then subjected to heat and blown outside the humidifier. This will make the room airy as there will be no more moisture. Humidifiers keep rooms airy.

Another type of humidifier is the peltier that uses a surface, usually a cold, metal one to condense the air upon. With this dehumidifier, one should not use it below 15 degrees Celsius. This one is used in small places like wardrobes. Humidifiers are good instruments for airing the clothes in our wardrobes so that they are not damp on any occasion. Thirdly is the desiccant dehumidifier. This dehumidifier works in the same way as the compressor based one only that instead of using coils, it uses a wheel filled with material usually moisture absorbent and desiccant based. In this one, the air is reheated to ten degrees Celsius. It too is used for aerating rooms. Some times the undergarments and socks in people’s drawers need dehumidifying too. The silica gel based dehumidifier which often comes in a rechargeable cassette or a tub, can only be used in small compartments like the drawers in which they keep them.

Most people’s windows are not spared either when it comes to humidity. The little droplets of water are evidence enough that there is humidity in the air. This can make the general atmosphere of the room damp and make the windows look untidy. Dehumidifiers help to keep the general appearance of a room dry, clean and well kept.

Humidity can lead to the growth of molds in a room or on the windows of a house. These molds are dangerous to people’s health. They, as well as excessive moisture can affect a person’s lung and lead to lung diseases. Molds can cause Asthma in people as well. The damp heat can affect one’s nasal passages too. Humidifiers play a big role in keeping diseases at bay. Dust mites are another reason why there should be no excess humidity in one’s house. These dust mites leave debris in their wake and this can cause problems for Asthma patients.

During the summer, it can be uncomfortably hot in the house. A dehumidifier can help one work through the day in their house or office during the hot season. Humidity can make all furniture made from wood to start rotting. This can be a waste of money and time if someone were to do it again and again. Humidifiers in the house can help guard against this.

The bulk of the reasons to use dehumidifier are a true testimony of just how the instrument is important in people’s lives. The serious consequences that can arise in its absence too show that this is a must have instrument in one’s house.

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