Ebac 2650e Not Collecting Water? Find Out Why and How to Fix it

Is your Ebac 2650e dehumidifier not collecting any water in the container at times?

The Ebac dehumidifier, especially the 2600 series is a great product, and does a lot of things right. But there are some things about the design that could be better. The biggest issue that I have heard with this unit is that it does not seem to be collecting the water that is in the room.

For example, I have had it on my bathroom counter for over a year now and have noticed that there is now significantly more condensation on the countertop than there was before. This does not sound like a very big deal, but when you are trying to keep your countertops clean at all times (which is likely what you are trying to do) this could be an issue.

If you are experiencing this issue, please continue reading below to see how you can do to fix it. Also, the problem does not appear to be caused by any method that is specifically designed to block the flow of air through the unit

Are you sure it is on? Yes, it is on. And it isn’t collecting water.

Perhaps the area isn’t as humid as you thought it was.

There’s mold in the room.

The mold might be fed by a single leaky pipe or drain path, not general humidity in the room.

What could be wrong with it?

If the dehumidifier isn’t collecting water, maybe it is because the humidity level is what you set it at.

No, it should still be going.

Dehumidifiers usually have a sensor to turn it off when the reservoir is full. It may not be collecting more water because it says it has enough.

The reservoir is not full.

If it has more room in the reservoir, that sensor may be broke. Or the sensor may just be so wet from condensate it only thinks the thing is full.

I never thought I’d need to dry out the dehumidifier to get it to work. What else could it be?

The dehumidifier may be freezing up.

Oh, it’s running.

The problem may be ice forming on the units where it is supposed to simply collect condensate. While ice usually forms in the first ten minutes or so of operation, that should melt and it starts collecting water out of the air.

How do I fix that?

Let the coils air out and thaw out once in a while. And make sure the initial frost thaws in the first place.

I never thought I’d need to de-ice a de-humidifier.

If the ice doesn’t thaw, and the unit always runs, you’re wasting electricity without improving the humidity level.

Any other ideas as to what could cause it?

If you have a general house dehumidifier and use it in a basement, it may turn off because the temperature is too low to run effectively.

I need to talk to a repair tech to look at it.

Whether it is a mechanical failure or sensor problem, that would be something to have a tech take care of.

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