Ebac 2600e Instructions Manual

Ebac 2600e Dehumidifier Instructions

Are you searching for instructions or the manual for the Ebac 2600e or many of the Ebac 2000 Series dehumidifiers? Unfortunately many of the these ebac dehumidifiers have been discontinued, and it has been very hard to find instructions or any manuals to these dehumidifiers.
If you currently have an Ebac 2600 dehumidifier that means you probably had for years or purchased one in the secondary market ( classifieds, Ebay, Garage sale)Many people are running into some issues because current owners either lost the instructions/manual or never had them when they bought the ebac dehumidifier used….
If you having trouble with your used Ebac 2600 dehumidifier then please see below because I have created a mini instructions guide for the Ebac 2600 dehumidifier. Hopefully this will help you…

Ebac 2600e Instruction Manual (Unofficial)

Ebac 2600e OPERATION:
The operation of the 2600 ebac dehumidifier is to remove moisture from the air by having it condense on
the cold tubes of the evaporator coil. The air then passes over the hot condenser coil and returns
to the conditioned space slightly warmer and dryer than when it entered the dehumidifier unit.
To concentrate drying all doors and windows should be kept closed.

Ebac Dehumidifier Positioning:

If at all possible the best location you should place your dehumidifier unit in the center of the room. However if already experiencing a damp part in a certain area of the room then place the dehumidifier particularly apparent the outlet grille should be pointed towards it. NOTE: Both inlet grille and outlet grille of the dehumidifier unit must have clear space around them and not be obstructed in anyway.


Connect the power mains cable to a designated 30 Amp breaker. As follows:-

For Models without plugs:-

Brown Live
Blue Neutral
Green/Yellow Earth (ground)


Connect a 3/8” inside diameter hose to the water outlet pipe. Secure the hose using a worm drive clip. The hose should at no point be raised higher than the outlet pipe. Failure to observe this requirement will result in flooding of the dehumidifier unit.

The Ebac 2600 has a water pump fitted as standard which is capable of discharging the condensate water 20ft vertical lift away from the unit & 100ft horizontal. The water can, therefore, be discharged into a drain some distance away.



Remove the cover by releasing the retaining bolts and follow the test procedure laid out below:-

1. Set the adjustable humidistat to maximum.

2. Switch the machine to the on position, this will result in the compressor starting to run and
the fan blade starting to rotate.

3. When the compressor has been running for 20 minutes the coils located above the drain tray
will be evenly coated in frost. (If the ambient temperature is above 77ºF the coils will be
covered in water.)

4. After the machine has been running for approximately 50 minutes the unit will automatically
enter into defrost. The defrost cycle lasts for approximately 3 minutes, this will result in the
frost on the coils melting and dripping into the drainage tray.

5. After the defrost has finished the machine will return to normal operation.

6. Ensure the condensate drains away from the machine.

Best Settings For the Adjustable Dehumidifier

The position of the humidistat depends on the application the K100 is being used for and the conditions within the area to be dried. The worse the conditions within the area then the higher the humidistat should be set (i.e. the machine will run for a longer period of time to ensure all the moisture is reduced sufficiently). As a rough guide the humidistat wants to be set at approximately 50% for factories and warehouses, and for basements or de-flooding then the

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