Dehumidifier or Humidifier: Which One Do You Need?

The humidity level inside your home can affect the residents as well as the home itself in several ways.  If the moisture level is too low or too high, it can cause several problems for either the house or its residents.  Low levels can lead to skin and respiratory problems for the residents.  Levels that are too high may cause mold to develop.  Understanding what humidity is as well as the difference between a dehumidifier vs humidifier can help you to deal with the problem.


The measure of the moisture in the air is called the relative humidity.  Humidity helps to regulate the air temperature.  The moisture in the air absorbs thermal radiation from the atmosphere.  The temperature can also regulate the humidity of the air.  In the home, humidity needs to be controlled to keep the home comfortable.

Dehumidifier or Humidifier

To regulate the level of humidity in the home you may need to either buy a dehumidifier or a humidifier.  Some devices offer both functions.  If there is an imbalance in the humidity, there can be some problems.  While most of the difficulties caused in health may be bearable, they can cause serious problems to children, elderly or those with other health issues.

When the home humidity level is low, the room needs to have the help of a humidifier.  There is basically two types of two types of humidifiers that consumers can buy.  One uses an electric heater in a water reservoir tank put moisture into the air.  The second uses a fan to disperse the water into the air.  The correct type can depend on the room size as well as other factors.  The effectiveness of the device and price may help to influence your decision.

If too much humidity is the problem, your AC may help.  Air conditioners remove the moisture out of the air to make the room more comfortable. However an air conditioner is not ideal to run during cooler months, so you will to purchase a dehumidifier.  If the humidity is from a point source such as the bathroom or kitchen, an exhaust fan may work to remove much of the moisture from the air.

Choosing The Right Dehumidifier

Choosing the right dehumidifier can also depend on the space where you are working to remove the moisture.  In addition, be sure to check your budget.  While some dehumidifiers are more efficient, they may also be more expensive to buy and more expensive to operate.  In addition, take the maintenance requirements of machine into consideration as well.  Noise is also an important consideration, especially if the unit is operating when you are trying to sleep.

If you feel that there is a humidity problem in the home, you may want to monitor the level of humidity in the home before buying another dehumidifier or humidifier.  This will help you to choose the correct device that is within your budget. Also, from personal experience you can never go wrong with an ebac dehumidifier. Ebac dehumidifiers are the leaders in the industry and the company symbolizes a model of excellence.

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